Ein Hornist ohne Arme erobert die Welt

This book is only available in German, Japanese and Chinese!

As a four-year-old, Felix Klieser proclaims to his parents: “I want a horn!” The little Felix refuses the suggestion of the local music school, rather to try it with a recorder or xylophone. Nothing else but a horn! For this instrument, Felix brings with him the worst conditions that can be imagined: he was born without arms. But Felix takes lessons and exercises like a possessed man. And he’s successful.

Today, he is one of the world’s best horns and has appeared with Sir Simon Rattle and the pop star Sting. That Felix plays his horn with his feet becomes a side issue! Felix Klieser tells his unusual story with lots of humor, lightness and a healthy dose of self-esteem. It shows how to remain faithful to one’s own goals despite the handicap and to create the impossible.


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